Day Support Services

About Us

Living Above Life is an agency dedicated to providing services for individuals with developmental disabilities. Our mission is to connect these individuals with suitable resources within the community to enhance their independence and foster a sense of inclusion and participation in community life.


Our team comprises seasoned and compassionate professionals, well-trained to emphasize education, integration into the community, and active participation from family members.

Philosophy Statement

It is our philosophy that when one is included, he or she feels empowered.


All individuals have needs, aspirations and feelings, and shall be encouraged and supported to achieve independence and live productive lives, while being treated with dignity and respect.


Services shall be individualized, built on strengths, needs and respect the choices and preferences of individuals.

Meet Our Founder

As the founder of LAL (Living Above Life), I've dedicated a considerable amount of time to the field of Developmental Disabilities.  Launching this day support program wasn't only the fruition of my professional journey and expertise, but also a response to the evident need for high-quality supported services.


With time, it has become increasingly clear that many supporting agencies have lost their connection with consumers, guardians, and families. The misleading belief that "the larger the agency, the better the services" has led to a situation marked by poor communication, alienation of consumers, and inconsistent service delivery.


In contrast, our agency's foundation is based on a simple yet essential concept. We consciously maintain a small size to ensure a strong focus on excellent communication with clients and families. Our pride lies in our quality staff training and our approach to gentle teaching support.


I am confident that you will appreciate the personalized care and attention your son or daughter will receive from our agency, coupled with the dedication and compassion of our staff.


Thank you,


Sherquita Tucker


Sherquita Tucker

Founder, CEO